One of the most popular party drugs out there these days is ecstasy. Ecstasy has MDMA in it which makes it psychoactive. It’s kind of like a stimulant and can make you really experience everything at a level far from normal. Sometimes it is called Molly and is popular to take at clubs or raves to enhance the experience.

Ecstasy can come looking very differently. It has different forms, types, or pills, so it isn’t always immediately recognizable. A question people often ask “is ecstasy addictive?” Like any drug, it can be, and the long term effects of ecstasy can affect your mind and body negatively.

The drug appears differently because different stuff is used to bind the drug together. There are many types of pills and stamps though that you can learn.

Here is a list of illegal drugs and illegal pill identifier with pictures.

MDMA Tablets

MDMA often has an X stamped right into the tablet, probably as a shorthand for Ecstasy. You can swallow it or snort, and it generally comes in 50 milligrams. Usually, they are made in other countries and then just smuggled in the United States.

Ecstasy May Have Other Drugs In Them

When in its purest form then MDMA looks all crystalline. That’s why when it is in pill form there is other stuff to help make it look like a pill and keep the material together.

They can have anything in them from meth to cocaine or even bath salts. That’s part of what can make them dangerous to take because you don’t know exactly what other dangerous substances or addictive drugs are in them.

Imprinting on Ecstasy

Labs that make Ecstasy illegally often put their logo on the pills before they get officially branded. That way people buying Ecstasy can choose what type to use which can keep them from using one they are not used to and having harmful side effects.

Sometimes they imprint them with fun little pictures like butterflies or stars. These are meant to help appeal to the younger drug users because they are flashy or cute and they choose them over others because of it.

There are even tablets out there that have the space shuttle logo on them or stardust or a thumbprint. There are many different images put onto Ecstasy to make them appealing to others.