We are dedicated to compiling genuine information about Ecstasy that is found in our site at no cost to empower young adults when making life decisions especially concerning drugs.

Once you are an adult, you have the freedom to make any decision you would want; however, it comes with consequences. For that reason, we politely partake in the decision-making process by providing information useful in bending you away from taking harmful drugs such as Ecstasy.

We engage our viewers actively by setting programs that incorporate activities which the youth can join and encourage each other about avoiding drugs. These activities have proven to be effective and do not discriminate against age.

We have strived to build a global network of volunteers who are passionate about turning the world into a drug-free zone, with about 50 million booklets on drug prevention having been distributed as well as successfully hosting tens of thousands of drug awareness events in 180 distinct nations.

We have also created awareness through media channels on 500 TV stations. Our platforms have managed to get through millions of people from all over the world teaching them more about the dangerous effects of drugs eventually helping them make wiser decisions.

You can participate in any of our activities through:

  1. Learning via the free online courses- we understand that everyone has their own learning and understanding pace. These online courses give you the freedom to learn more about Ecstasy and its effects in the comfort of your privacy.
  2. Signing the Pledge- the pledge is a personal decision but feel involved by:
  • Living without taking drugs.
  • Being the perfect epitome of having fun without drug intake.
  • Learning how dangerous drugs could be.
  • Spreading the gospel of the negative impacts of drugs on our health.
  • Joining the network in helping make the world a better place free of drugs.

Becoming part of the network- we have networks globally fighting drug abuse. If interested, you could contact us for an immediate link up with a team near you to help attain the objective.

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